A Life Begins

on 11/09/2011
 When daddy’s sperm cell meets mommy’s egg cell, fertilization occur, thus a new life begins. And when a new life begins, a new journey, a new episode there could be only one thing…
We drink till’ we drop, Choz

For the gift of one’s life, for the safe delivery of every mother to overcome, for the heart stopping moment for fathers to wait. Every second, minutes  and hours count, from the start of labor up until the moment the baby’s first walk, first talk and first of everything, and as he/she continues a chapter of its own, everything about it, a miracle.

 Life, we call it miracle, a mystery no one would know, only God. To find our purpose is one of our responsibilities, to enjoy life is one of our priorities for we only have one, and to thanks God’s gift to us, it’s a must.

In a very inexplicable world, a stranger crosses my path, same birthdates, weird personalities, different life, but became acquaintances, and as time goes, many strangers meet, growing a group of bonded friends, surrounded by good memories.

Today that one good friend of ours, once been a daughter (and will always be) is now also a mother…   (Life is a cycle). A mother to her beautiful and most precious one, not only the queen of her life, but also an added princess to ours, (congratulations’ sa mga kukuning ninong at ninang hehe).

Seen a dozen of child bearing delivery, and it makes me happy and proud at the same time I’m with the parents helping and nursing, what more to them, to my friend, I guess there is no word will describe how happy and proud she were, (a hundred times more than mine?).

Welcome to the world little princess, may we bring the best things for you to enjoy and see and leave a wonderful place for you, live life to the fullest (wag pasaway kay mommy katakot magalit yan :D), I know that my friend your mother will be the best for you…

-pong pagong

(bat ganun, pag baby ng barkada mo, natatakot kang kargahin, pero yung mga baby nung nagduduty ka ayaw mong bitawan…. hmmm

Enge nga partner, gawa lang project… miracles of life hehe)

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Ester said...

hala! may sudden twist sa ending? haha

pongpong pagong said...

hahah uo nga eh, pero ewan no one knows kung ano meron sa future, malay naten malay ko din heheh XD

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