Bum Bum BUM...

on 7/12/2011
Two long weeks, still I’m waiting, what else should I do?

The battle of the white witches and wizards are over, yet the bruises and scars that they leave will never be less, it still haunts me, every quiet moment, staring blankly then suddenly questions of unknown popped in your head, mild anxiety suddenly increasing and you try to avoid it, diverting attentions to somewhere else,… then,

 rinse,repeat… (paulit-ulit >_<)

Reality check, post board is post board…
And now I’m bored, (slight…)

For the past years, I’m been busy studying, on duties then reviews… my body seems to miss those things,

to be on the move, always…

(paikot-ikot na nga ako dito sa lugar namen, muka akong sangganong naghahanap ng away hehehe)

Not completely a couch potato… had some things to do
(si tatay may pwesto sa kanyang balat manggang trabaho minsan epal ako at boy naman ako sa munting karinderia ng aking tito at fulltime mayor domo dito sa bahay, spot free :D)

But still some of my neurons would tell me to go find some work, better to do something productively with pay (volunteer lang ako dun sa na mention ko above)

But some neurons would say that this is my day off, for the long hours of studying and those seemingly endless duty shifts, not to mention the terror professor who would aggregate to your situations…(ou defense mechanism ng mga tamad... XD)

And my heart would say…

Tama na muna ang landee, kapagod eh (hahaha echoz >_< behave kaya ako :D)

If I would apply for the job, there would be sets of interviews and everything, before the scheduled date maybe that will be my day off days, and if I got lucky to be hired, then I guess it’s for me…

My resume is ready….

Magawa na ngang flyers... XD

-pong pagong

ps. wala din perang pang attend sa mga trainings... ipon-ipon din :D

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Demonyitong Promdi said...

actually, my usual unsolicited advice to friends a.k.a former students after graduating in college or taking the exams is exactly what you're doing..chill out..

take the time off..yes you'll get bored, so you need to think of things to do that are fun but within your budget..

why this suggestion?, because if you enter the work force, there's no looking back, vacations will be limited unless it is work related..and like us, you'll be longing to go back in time and savior the free time we wasted looking for job..

no money? you're with your loving family right? then ask some from them...ask..not abuse..they will surely understand..

so my dear, dear "bro"..don't hurry..instead spend your free time with your family, friends or better yet..look for a lover..

choz! ;D

pongpong pagong said...

Thanks again for the advice :),

baka nga pino-force ko lng din sarili kong maghanap ng work kung medyo naeenjoy ko pa naman ang bakasyon...

hmmm ,me point ka kuya promdi...

I really do love your advices.. :D

kuyang kuya...
love lots :)

Wilberchie said...

pong, pahinga, tapos, pag nagsawa volunteer volunteer nah. Hirap maghanap ng job sa profession mo eh. Pero kaya yan! don't fret!

Demonyitong Promdi said...

ah..don't mention it..mali mali pa nga spelling ko..hehehe..

SAVOR..not..savior..may hangover pa yata ako ng pagtuturo..hehehe

thanks for taking the advices (kahit di mo hinihingi ;D)love giving it to you anyways..

love more..kuya dp ;D

pongpong pagong said...

@wilberchie, yun nga dagdag ako sa mga volunteer heheh, pero okay lang part yun ng calling ko (echos calling daw hehehe :D)

@kuya dp, no problemo heheh maganda pag unsolicited advice, kasi paghumihingi ang tao ng isanng advice, meron lang siyanbg gustong marinig or something like that hehehe :D

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