Juan Weak

on 6/25/2011
Next Saturday and the battle begins...

Of the white witches and white wizards in opposition to the five hundred dreaded questions to be thrown by the seven highness of the nursing world

Survival of the fittest, the weak shall perish and the strong will live, who will top and who will lose… who will survive and who will be eaten alive??

What sacrifices had been made, is it enough to pass the obstacles?
Are you prepared for the upcoming battle and face the consequences?
And if, after that… what will happen next?

Will you be haunted by your mistake, or be boastful of your future success, or pass by another day without remembering what had just happened… continue with your life and wait… wait for almost like eternity, full of anxiety and agony, asking thyself… have I been good enough in the battlefield, did I made the right decision to shade or not to…

And hold on to your faith, for this will lead you trough your fate, accept what happened, for if being victorious will lead you to a lot more test, not in papers but in your existence

And if beaten don’t be cheerless, there will be always another time, another chance to prove your significance, or move your life the way you want it to be... be a dreamer

In the end, you will realize…

It’s just a tricky test, not the one who will predict your importance

-pong pagong
malapit na...
isang take lang....

ps. hanglameeg, humupa ka na ulan :D

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the green breaker said...

Good luck, Pong! I'm so much praying for you. Kasi, I'd be taking a path like yours, too, and I wish you'd pray for me too.

Maniwala ka lang. First take lang dapat. The goal must be set: You either PASS or TOP the boards! :D

pongpong pagong said...

tama, to pass or to top... :) and yes nkamind set na ko/kame na makapasa

thanks for praying , pagppray din kita count on me :D, di lang ako pati mga barkada ko ssbihan ko pag turn mo na :))

Demonyitong Promdi said...

I bet kapatid na pong, hindi mo kaya yan..

..kundi, kayang kaya! naman..ikaw pa!

nakakadalawang birhen na nga ang nai-aalay ko at ng aking kampon sa bundok ng Banahaw, para lamang sa iyo..(kahit gustong-gusto ko munang tikman ang mga birhen na yun..choz)

at ang solusyon sa lameg ng ulan..ay ang init ng aking yakap...

choz! ;D

pongpong pagong said...

hahaha, i lab you kuya promdi >:), salamat sa pagaalay ng mga birhen, sana pinadaan mo muna sa akin.. quality check... echoz :D

at willing akong magpayakap, sa lamig ng ulan ba naman ng ulan, kailangan ko tlga ng init hehehe

thanks kuya :)

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