Pain Killers

on 10/20/2010
Pain does not fade, you just get used to it
(the more love, the painful it gets... and finding true love needs to experince true pain)

Experienced a lot of pain since childhood but never experienced that one pain, pain of breaking up

this past weeks and/or months some of my friends are in breaking up scenarios, and all I can do is to give my "boy point of view" advice and try to divert their attentions not to feel that they're alone... and after that day,.. hmmm what happen next???

Well.., it's all up to them...

whether they becomne stronger or be torn apart. What friends can only do is to act as their "support system", nothing more...^^(well at least it pretty damn helpful hehehe ^__^). Although I've never been in a serious relationship that ends to breaking up (hahaha irony ng life) that scars the person eternally... but me having plenty of scars, I'd never give up.. instead it would make you feel more stronger (patatalo ka ba?)

THINK of this..:
>God has a reason sa mga pangyayari sa buhay mo..
>Hindi siya ang mundo mo.., sayang ang oras
>pagnakita k niyang masaya., at masaya din siya.., then win-win situations.. quits diba? hehe
>don't move on abruptly..., pa konti-konti.., masasaktan k lng ^_^

Nevertheless it's ok to cry, to be bitter and everything else, but be sure it is worth it...
every strom nga daw, eh me rainbow... sarap kaya maligo sa ulan.. ^_^


4 gumulo:

Elai :] said...

Everything is worth the pain naman. At naging better ako dahil sa support system ko. :)) ♥

imyourhighness said...

thank you pong. isa ka sa support system ko. :))

marcpong13 said...

bf/gf me break up, buti ang friendship wala hehehe ^___^

Jam :)) said...

Corrected by! =))

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