on 9/27/2010
-Start with this, I know I’m not that straight but I’m no gay, SERIOUSLY.., Bisexual… hmm maybe?.. Discreetly Gay, pede na rin, I think and act a man, dresess one, speak one, think one and again act one, promise im so good at it. Growing up in the streets, plays “larong –kalye”, thinking very sanggano (lumaki ka ba naman sa barakong tatay eh hehe), play counter, DOTA, Online games.., (Gay Gamer nga daw), Drinks Alcohol (no-smoking), watch straight porn movies.., (at legal age hehe)… signs of a man right..?? but who had thought.., SINONG magaakala..?? that the problem is I’m searching for a guy’s love.. shet.. Bading na Bading… >_<

-Every behavior has a previous experience, it corresponds on the way you act now, Nagkataon lang na open minded talaga ako nung bata, kaya yung experience na yun, instead of hate, lumaking ganito… Very different sa conservative kong family

-Speaking of family, I know that every homo/bi had gone to this; lot of pain, hatred, fear, discrimination and rejection (maswerte ka na kung me tumanggap agad sayo for who you are, problem is.. kung anu gsto ng parents mu dapat ganun ka.. T_T). But what do stereotype person does? They’re just putting more burden to us, Kaya dumadame BI eh, They just need acceptance at yung mga halata naman put more respect on yourself, kaya karamihan sa atin eh nababastos.(Not all ah, naging trademark n din talaga siguro, after ilang decades ba naman di ba?, BUT hey it’s time to speak OUT.. Hindi na kame GANUN)

-Let’s face it, ang dame ng bading sa mundo… malay mo ang crush mong varsity guy eh ganun pala? Eh panu ung campus crush ng college nio?? Sama mu pa ung mga katropa mong kalaro mu ng basketball o di kaya ng Ragnarok, paminta pala?? (AAAA—TTTCCHHIING ^^). Pero the question is ALAM MO BA KUNG BAKIT NAGTATAGO? It all goes down to this, one is RESPECT and the other one is ACCEPTANCE.., OO, RESPETO, sige sinong tao di kailangan ng respeto.?, every person needs that one, lalo n po kame. Ano straight lang ang karespeto-respeto?? (^^V), No offensment, nagiging judgemental din kayo (straight ones pede??) simply because hindi ito ACCEPTED sa atin… see the connection. A little change would or might help… (special thanks to those straight guys whom I earned my respect, and those girls who accepted me for who I AM not from WHAT I AM)

-In terms of love and relationship (eto mabigat na bagay, HOPELESS romantic ako eh, umaasa na isang straight ang magiging ka tropa ko at magkakafeeling sa akin kahit konti >:>) there is no difference whether its homo or hetero, what we feel towards the same sex is almost as same as what straight person feels toward the opposite sex… NO GENDER IN LOVE sabe ko nga, love just come… But seriously speaking walang nagtatagal sa ganitong klase ng relasyon, kung meron man.. ITS SO COMPLICATED, Sad but true, tingin ng iba Sex lang ang habol namen, but the truth is… we just need love, seryoso po, to be belong to someone, accepted, respected, and be loved… who the hell would hate this feeling??-what i'm just trying to say is,Respect and Acceptance lang talaga, dont be too judgemental to a person, wag mo ikulong ang sarili mo sa ideyang akala mo di nagbabago,...

-ACCEPT first your self before others accept you, same as respect, kung mkikita nilang ka RESPETO-RESPETO ka, you earn them their respect,..

-and you will always find someone, whether it is a friend, family or someone talga, that would always be there.. ^^

-Anthonee ^_^

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