Hope.. Something Serious

on 5/10/2010

(now that election was over,.. what will happen to the Philippines?)

<---First time voter, and it is good to practice your rights as a Filipino in your own country...

honestly, there were so many presedentiables to choose from, who will be the best to lead the country? what will happen after six years..? Nakatayo pa ba Philippines?

but for me what really counts the most, is us FILIPINOS,..

I admire all Filipinos who actually participated in election day, a very inspiring scenario for everyone who had seen it. All I can see was that Equality and Hope... Equality in a sense that "walang mayaman o mahirap.. lahat nagtiyagang bumoto at pumila" and HOPE, we are all striving for a change, for a better country, and through voting I can really see that each and every Filipino still had a Hope for it

First of all, even in a very HOT condition, you would see a lot of people patiently waiting for their turn to vote, a sign of hope

to thoose handicapped and senior citizen who was willing to give their time and effort just to vote, another sign of hope..

"nkita ko tong 2 handicapped, don't know if their lovers or just relatives, but what really happened inspire me the most, yung babae had a problem in his legs, hindi cla pantay then short lng xa, then the guy is on wheel chair me problem din sa legs but still they can move... yung babae ang nagtutulak ng wheelchair for the guy, then after makarating sa kanilang munting sidecar yung guy, one pedal at a time niya ginaglaw ang bike(pauwi na sila after ng voting)"

"to my lola and all the other senior citizen, alam ko na tulad ni lola, nangulit din kau na bumoto, although medyo sinasabihan namen n bka mapagod kayo or what, (syempre caring kme sa inyo) still you insist to vote., IDOL tlaga kayo.. ^^"

See??.,ganun ka optimistic ang Filipino..?

and of course to us youths, yeahh.. mga 1st time voters, finally our voices are heard in a simple act yet a heavy responsibility., wala ako masabi sa lahat ng mga kasabyan kong bumoto.., astig ^^, even yung cousin kong d pah botante,still nandun sya.. and to my barkadas na nag watcher, saludo din ako hehehe...

at least lets all hope for a better future, not only for us but also to our country Philippines, Pray to God that what ever happens still he would guide us...

again, a very tiring and fulfilling day..


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Jamumai. :] said...

Nalinis ko na yung kuko ko na hindi ako nakapg-picture. SAYANG. :D Tayo ang simula ng pagbabago! =))

marcpong13 said...

hehehe, batch pa naten ang automated, susyalin tlga

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