on 5/17/2010
SUMMER CLASS is now over but it still it hunts me like nuts.. hehehe

woke up in the morning past 6, and the first thought in my mind was that "Shet, late na ako, make up duty to!" all of a sudden I realize that it was already our summer vacation.. stupid pong hahaha., went back to bed and sleep like a baby...

Before our lunch... I went to school, to check if I do have a make up duty,.. (sumanggi na sa isip ko umaga pa lang eh, bka premonition)... then after checking wala naman pla, wew ^^

walking on the very long University Lane, many thoughts have passed in my mind, specially when I saw thoose freshmen enrolling looking at the enrollment chart,. (grabe parang dati lng ganun kme., ksabay ko pa nga crush ♥ ko na nag paenroll sa perps..) another was that when someone ask me where are the computer study building, I kindly answered her question..

But what really matter was that, time really was fast, dati lng akong freshmen, ngayon paskuan graduating nah? realizing that there were many difficulties that we've been thru, from first year na mga terror na prof up to the 3rd year's pahirapan na schedule (dapat di masayang tong mga hardships na to),

wow it was almost like yesterday...

Now that we are fourth year, little more time and we will be in our chosen professions, more mature and responsible...

well good luck for the future.. ^^

-_- pong

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Jamumai. :] said...

Like! More maturity satin! HAHAHA! =)

marcpong13 said...

hehehe, naku po, hangang ngaun pa onti-onti lng ang dagdag ng maturity ko hehehe

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